Nintendo Announces Wii Pay & Play

Today, during a GDC presentation, Nintendo's Takashi Aoyama announced a new expansion to Nintendo's Wi-Fi services called Wii Pay & Play. Aoyama explained that Nintendo will begin "collecting fees for some services [that]will allow us to adapt flexibly." In other words, by subsidising additional, unnamed service and feature costs to consumers, Nintendo feels they can explore new concepts and channels.

He added that it was a Nintendo initiative to avoid misleading consumers into thinking they can buy games that can be played entirely free when they cannot (whether or not this implies an initiative to begin charging for multiplayer content was unclear). To aid in a clear cost presentation, the blue WFC logo will be joined with a similar red logo featuring the line "Pay & Play."

While we were offered no additional details, we understand that the red stands for danger.


    So what. Guildwars is pay and play. WoW is pay THEN pay & play.

    Imagine if you got access to all of the virtual console games for $25 a month so long as you were subscribed. Awesome! It's worked with Rhapsody hasn't it?

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