Nintendo Crushes Super Smash Bros. Brawl Release Rumours

While people in Japan are playing the crap outta Super Smash Bros. Brawl and people in America are waiting to play the crap outta SSBB, people in Europe are waiting to find out how long they'll need to wait to play the game. As previously posted, there was a glint of hope when a Dutch gaming site claimed a June 6th release date was confirmed by Nintendo at the Macromania Games Awards in France. Not so! says Nintendo. A company mouthpiece for the UK arm says:

This is a rumour and purely speculative. Nintendo is yet to confirm any release dates for Smash Bros.

Well, at least you get Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii early. That should be proof that Nintendo doesn't totally hate you, Europe!
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    Its all part of the bloody marketing scheme.We all buy Mario Kart and wii fit so it eases the wait for Brawl, then more people find out about Brawl and when it comes out about 4 million people buy it around the world in a day.You sneaky punks nintendo(and no way i'm not going to buy wii fit).

    Lmao..I can't believe this.

    They're trying to rip us off with a slightly earlier release of Mario Kart (who cares about Wii fit?), to try and cover the massive gap between the U.S and Europe release.

    I don't understand why it will take so long. September or October 08 is simply ridiculous - it's close to a full year after Japan got the game. Surely it doesn't take 6 months to translate the text into a few more languages - there's hardly vast amount of text in the game anyway.

    I was hoping for a May or June release. Now I fear an October date may be a very real thing.


    In any other industry if a company screwed over their customers as bad as Nintendo has for Australia and Europe with Super Smash Bro's Brawl (SSBB) the company would get a giant consumer-pimp-slap. It's a real pity their product is absolutely unique.

    The only way I can think of stopping this happening now and ever again, is if everyone cracked their Wii's and downloaded an American or Japanese copy. It's a pity I always insist on buying products to support them because what I have heard about cracking Wii's sounds really cool.

    Apparently what it does is disable all the security AND zoning, then you just download (most easily in torrent form) the American or Japanese game, burn it on a disk and off you go! I heard on forums in Australia it costs Au$40 for one of the good chips, and if your not good or confident at soldering it another Au$40 to get it installed. I found this all out from goggling it, there's tones of information on how to do it. If you did that you could have SSBB within one day and every other Wii game free for the rest of your life and Nintendo would suffer a money loss for screwing around with every European and Australian gamer. If everyone did it no console or game company would ever have the balls pull this kind of crap again.

    I personally find the idea of being able to make mods for Wii games or even entirely new games more interesting... but thats an entirely new topic, and alas, I'm too scared to crack my Wii. So ill just have to sit here and wait for the release of the release date for SSBB... so that I can wait for the actual Australia/Europe version.

    GL & HF yall.
    Nigel Miltton

    If you know anything specific about cracking Wii's or are interested/capable of producing software for the Wii or have any questions, drop me an email at:
    [email protected]

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