Nintendo Scarf Punches Out My Heart

Just when you thought Nintendo scarves had been played out, along comes this. Knitted by the delightful Etsy merchant and Nintendo fangirl Tanya (Beatboxtaun), it's got Mike Tyson on one side looking like he's had his fill of babies for the day, while on the other, Little Mac is looking a little worse for wear. Beautiful! Such beauty comes at a price, however: at 72-inches long and one-of-a-kind, you'll be throwing down $US 175 for the privilege of wearing it around your scrawny neck, so impulse-shoppers might want to avoid hitting the link below if they haven't paid their month's rent yet.
Mike Tysons Punch-Out Scarf - DIY [BeatboxTaun @ Etsy]


    That scarf's amazing!! Love it!

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