No More Heroes Does OK In America (Probably Better In Europe)

Marvellous Interactive have published some worldwide shipping/sales figures for Suda's No More Heroes. In Japan, homeland of all parties involved? It's done terribly. Only 40,000 copies have shipped since launch. Ouch. How about America, then? Little better: they've shipped around 200,000 copies, and have sold just over 100,000 since launch. Not bad! Finally, however, they announce some European numbers. And while the game's not even out there yet (it's shipping late Feb/early March across all PAL territories), they're expecting to sell 160,000 units across the continent at launch. Could something finally be coming up roses for Suda? Let's hope so!
NO MORE HEROES打上げ [Marvellous, via Alkaline @ NeoGAF]


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