No Nazis For Lego Indiana Jones

No Nazis For Lego Indiana Jones

The upcoming Lego Indiana Jones will, of course, feature cute, adorable little Indiana Jones. And – fingers crossed – a cute, adorable little Sallah, with a clicky little red fez. What won’t be featured in the game are Nazis. While the characters themselves will still feature (yes, Toht is still in it, and yes, he’s still going to melt), all references to Nazism have been scrubbed, Traveller’s Tales telling Edge:

Lego [have]already replaced them with an anonymous genocidal, occultist, trenchcoat-wearing master-race.

On the one hand, understandable. Lego’s for kids. But on the other…how many five year-olds know who the fuck Indiana Jones is? Surely the target demographic for this game is the 20+ market.
Lego Indy: First concrete details [Edge, via CVG]


  • There’s actually a good reason for this seemingly stupid alteration. Lego is still in a lawsuit against a polish artist who, as an art piece, created a fictional range of Lego sets that where Nazi concentration camps and death camps. You can find his stuff online. Lego has been trying to sue him for defaming the Lego brand, which wasn’t his intention, I think it was about the trivialisation of the holocaust.

    Obviously if they started selling Nazi Lego men it kinda shoots their big law suit in the foot.

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