No Pause Screen For Dead Space?

EA's space horror title Dead Space is trying to do things different. Which it'll have to, since anyone who's not saying it's ripping off Resident Evil will say it's ripping off BioShock (regardless of whether that's actually the case or not). One of those things, according to CVG, is that the game's developers are seriously toying with the idea of removing the player's ability to pause the action. That means no pause button, and if you pull up the inventory screen or map, you're doing it in real-time. Which I'm sure sounds great in their office think-tank when discussions of player immersion come up, but when you're halfway through a battle and nature calls? Or the phone rings? That idea starts to look less great. Damp pants aren't immersive, they're just difficult to explain.
No pause option for Dead Space? [CVG]


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