Official Sony Mag Talks PSP Phone

I know it, you know it, we all know that, at some stage down the line, Sony will release a PlayStation Phone. We've already heard talk that one was originally due in February, but that was just a whisper. We've already heard SCE exec Jim Ryan say the idea of one is "definitely plausible". Now this, this is from Sony's official magazine, which I'd wager is a little more credible:

A new PSP-style phone is apparently in development. There are even suggestions that it could be in shops as early as February.

Discount the February thing, as that's probably just citing the earlier rumours, but mentioning it's "apparently" in development? I wouldn't think the official magazine of the consumer electronics company in question would deal in "apparently".

sonymag.jpg Sony Magazine Says PSP Phone Could Come As Early As February? Really? [Gizmodo]


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