Okami On Wii Controls Well, Only "Quasi-16:9" [UPDATE]

Last week, Capcom stated on their company store that Okami on Wii would be running at 16:9. Why is this important? Because the PS2 version did not, and if the Wii version did, it'd be a very valid reason for many to go out and buy the same game twice. Turns out that the game doesn't really run at 16:9, however. IGN sat down with it the other day and found it actually sports:

...a quasi-16:9 widescreen mode — we call it "quasi" because it's not full resolution; thin black bars remain on each side of the screen.

Ah well. On the bright side, they report that the use of the Wii Remote for celestial brushwork is like "night and day" compared to the PS2 version, with brushwork becoming faster, more accurate and easier to pull off. And in case you weren't already aware, the port's best feature is related neither to aspect ratio nor gameplay: you can now skip the game's cutscenes, which should make a second playthrough all the more enticing.
Hands-on Okami [IGN]

UPDATE - I'm done with this topic. The build IGN were playing on was, according to Ready At Dawn, an old one, and RaD president Didier Malenfant has promised us that the final, retail build of the game will feature "full 16:9". Case closed. Move along.


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