Okami Producer Weighs in on PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Okami Producer Weighs in on PS3 vs. Xbox 360
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theshark_20.jpg Shinji Mikami, Resident Evil creator and current boss at Platinum Games (formerly Seeds, formerly Clover) has announced the start-up developer is going to get down to work. But on what? In a recently posted 1Up interview from last TGS (thanks for the leisurely update!), Platinum Games cohort and Okami producer Atsuhi Inaba (pictured) expresses interest in the Wii and DS. But what about the PS3 and Xbox 360? Inaba says:

So if it’s a concept that will be matching the Japanese market, we’re going to try to probably concentrate on the Japanese market, but of course the Western market is the biggest market now, so we are concerned about the Western market, and have the Western market in mind. We might even do some testing specifically in the Western market to create a game…. To be honest, if we’re going to consider the Western market, we should be thinking of creating a game on the 360; however, the 360 is not doing that good in Japan, and we’re a Japanese studio, so do we want to ignore Japan? And let’s think about the European market. Well, is 360 doing good there? No. So OK, what about PS3? Well, how well the PS3 is doing is still kind of vague, you don’t know where to go with PS3.

Multi-platform anyone? Seems to be suiting Inaba’s former employer Capcom just fine. Inaba Profile [1Up via Go Nintendo via DS Fanboy][Pic]

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