Okami Wii Still 4:3?

Oh dear. In a listing for the upcoming Wii port of Okami on their company store, Capcom have posted a bunch of screenshots (the button prompts show it is indeed the Wii version). Tiny, tiny screenshots. Which are very, very concerning. With extra content out of the question, there were only two things that would set the Wii version apart from the PS2 one: Wii Remote brush control and 16:9. These screens look 4:3. A 4:3 game in 2008? Disappointing. So let's keep things optimistic and hope they're a cropping error, or are from an early build, shall we?
Okami Wii [Capcom Store, via Go Nintendo]


    It's pretty obvious the color differences in the two blacks. You can see the black bars for the image, and then the black bars that aren't from a screenshot. It says it only has small black bars on the side on IGN. Go look at the IGN screenshots instead you horses.

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