One, Two, Three, Four

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To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: SSBB Out, Me Bizzy, Head Explodes, Sleepy Time

I had my first guitar lesson last night, which actually only lasted about 15 minutes because I let me son have most of my lesson as well. After watching him learn to hold his guitar by singing Wheels on the Bus, and place his fingers correctly on his guitar, it was my turn. Fortunately, there were no Wheels on the Bus singalongs involved. I am now the master of the D string. Woot!

It’s funny, we were practicing together tonight and Tristan kept jumping the gun on when he should strum while following a really basic song. Finally I stopped him, gently holding his hands against the strings.

Do you remember Guitar Hero?
What happens when you play the note too soon or too late?
It plunks.
Right. That’s like this, you have to play it at the right time. That’s called rhythm.

He totally got it. Who says games aren’t good for something?

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