Pandemic: These EA Kids, They're Not So Bad

So Pandemic are the latest once-promising independent studio to be absorbed into the Electronic Arts hivemind. Cash money influx aside, are they bummed about now being associated with one the industry's less popular institutions? Or worried that their "independent" ideas and concepts will be put to the sword in favour of something like Mercenaries 2009? Nope.

Everyone like me has been waiting for that other shoe to drop and it hasn't, and honestly I'm getting to a point where I don't think it will. You know, like John said, they don't always get things right and it's still going to take time for John [Riccitiello's]vision to fully spread throughout the whole organisation. It's a big company, but they get it, you know? There's been no integration, no assimilations.

That was Pandemic President Josh Resnick. Who's keeping. It. Real.
A Post-Independent Pandemic [Next-Gen]


    Oh dear... oh dear... I'm sure this would've been reported on before but I must've missed it - or not realised who it was. (Ah, they were with BioWare...hmm) One of the most successful Australian developers, sucked up by another multinational billion dollar corporation. Thanks a bunch EA, we didn't want any of our profits to stay here anyway. We almost had a success - hell, did have a success with Destroy All Humans. It's a good thing someone's here to put an end to it - It was just a matter of whether it'd be EA or Microsoft. How dare someone *outside the US* try to be successful - Not that this is a racist thing ... just a greed thing.

    First Auran collapses (well, nearly), now this. I sure hope Infinite Interactive retain their independence.

    I'm never working for EA. Ever.

    But sorry, on topic: Well, I'm glad at least they're being left alone somewhat. These guys clearly have potential and I'd hate to see it go to waste. Good for them if they're handling such a big change well, and good luck to them.

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