Pandemic Working On New Lord Of The Rings Title

My aching sense of disappointment at the cancellation of EA's Lord of the Rings Oblivion clone The White Council still lingers. To be replaced soon, however, with a renewed sense of hope, even if it is - pardon the quote - a fool's hope: EA revealed in an analysts report today that they've set newly-acquired developers Pandemic to work on a Lord of the Rings game.

pandemic.jpg But what kind of Lord of the Rings game? Who knows. The use of Pandemic, they of Mercenaries and Star Wars Battlefront fame, offers some hints. They've shown they can do combat and action over large areas (SW Battlefront). They've shown they can put together a large, sandbox game world (Mercenaries). They haven't shown they can make an RPG, but hey, maybe this new game won't be one. Maybe it'll be Grand Theft Fell Beast. Which, you know...could be even better.


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