Patapon Contest

Contest time! Oh goodie goodie goodie. We're having another scavenger hunt. You remember our scavenger hunts? You search for clues, there's counting involved, you get pissed off at me and cry. This time we are giving away Patapon-themed [email protected] figures. These are being sold in Japan, but not America. So, what we're going to do: Give away four of them. Well, we're not going to give them away. You've gotta win them! Our scavenger hunt will consist of seven questions. When you find one question, that will lead to another one. How do you know if you are correct? You'll find a pointing fish to, well, point you in the right direction. Here's the first question:

We butcher a theme song and don't get invited to the best parties! Which party did we miss out on?

Good luck! Send your answers to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. The first four people to submit all seven answers to the email will win a bear. That's it, no deadline, no random drawing for finalists, so you better hurry the heck up.


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