PC Gaming Alliance Officially Announced, Here To Save The Day

PC Gaming Alliance Officially Announced, Here To Save The Day

The PC Gaming Alliance is real. It was just announced at GDC, and comprises not only the rumoured Intel, NVIDIA, AMD/ATI and Microsoft (along with Alienware, Dell, ACER and Gateway), but publishing giants Epic and Activision as well. Intel’s Randy Stude will be heading up the group, which rather than making things like official stickers, box labels and slogans will instead be working to provide the platform with a unified “voice”:

One of our main major objectives is to provide one voice on PC gaming market. There’s no one source that says ‘hey this is where the PC market is going’. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are always calling their market share – we’re going to call our market through this group.

Sounds like a truly-grass-roots move. And it’s got all the big hardware names, and two of the biggest software names (remember, Acti includes Blizzard now), onboard. Seems reports of the death of PC gaming have been greatly exaggerated!
‘The PC market is not dying’ says newly-formed PC Gaming Alliance [Develop]


  • It’s simple, WoW and consoles are killing the PC gaming market. Big statement but between WoW and consoles none of my friends play any other PC games. Being the A.D.D. type I am I play many different games, yet I never finish them as they take too long or I don’t save which leads me to me having to do a massive part of the level AGAIN. I’ve only finished 1 game in roughly the last 2 years, Heavenly Sword since it was short and sweet.

  • There’s another side to this coin however:
    Obviously Crytek, Epic, Valve and Blizzard are going to support this, as PC is their main platform – but if you ask a lot of the smaller game developers you’ll basically here this when posed with the problem of making a PC Game:
    “Are we making WoW? Well then why are we making a PC game? Stupid idea.”
    “Yeah – we don’t actually have the budget for that, but we’re busy making a nice cheap Wii game and hoping that Nintendo’s 1st party titles don’t drown it.”
    “Handhelds are where the money is baaybeah”

    Basically, making a PC game is a pretty dumb move for any developer considering the possibilities abounds on consoles at the moment. Here’s why:

    If you’re making a game for the hardcore market: it will be pirated, extensively. PC gaming lacks enough protection – to think people don’t even need to modify their PCs with some kind of chip to allow them to pirate.

    If you’re making a game for the mainstream: it will not be pirated, as much, but it will be outsold by whatever new Sim release or WoW expansion happens to come out – and generally overlooked.

    Oh, good idea to mention the fact that most PC games coming out run crap on budget computers. Seems the PC is going the way of the luxury car. And thus, PC gamers will forever be better than us casual console players – who don’t actually give a dam what the system spec is, so long as the game runs, looks good, sounds good and plays good.

    And dam, I mean you could get all three consoles for the price of a decent PC – and they’ve got at least 5 year life spans – instead of 2 years.

    But still, price reduction on new cards seems really cool – maybe the PC won’t go the way of the luxury car after all.

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