PC Psychic Controller Hits This Year

Mind-controlled video games comes to the masses this Christmas for $US 300 a pop. Emotiv's Epoc "high-fidelity nero system" will begin shipping later this year with a Bluetooth dongle for synching with a computer and come packed with a PC game that will allow gamers to levitate virtual rocks, pull digital trees and scare of in-game spirits, all with their minds.

"At Emotiv our vision for the future is that controls won't be limited to conscious controls," said Tan Le, co-founder of the company behind the mind-reading device. "This will allow machines to understand your emotions and expressions."

The wireless device slips onto a gamers head, its 14 or so slender metal branches sliding through hair to rest against the scalp. The metal arms, which are coated with a proprietary material, detect the electrical current conducted by the brain and transmits the data to an in-board chip that deciphers the information and translates it into data that can be used by the program to control games.

The device, which will come in black or white, will sell for $US 300 through Emotiv retailers and "select" retailers. Up to four devices can be synced on a single computer, Le said.


    Well, I'd Assume it would need A Long Calibration Process.
    If you don't think so, Then that fact in itself would prove my point!

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