Penis Cars, Vagina Houses Welcomed!

Considering how Spore's been hyped for eons now, it's hard to keep that level of excitement up. The game's user-generated content aspect though has piqued our interest once again. Says the game's lead designer Alex Hutchinson says, "I expect a portion of our audience to never play the game. They will make stuff, share stuff, and send it around." In the game's creator editor, there's a camera icon that even props a pop-up window with a YouTube logo. Players can send clips of their creators directly to the site. Hutchinson does add that it's not possible to create realistic humans as they "made a conscious decision to make the rigging blocks not one-to-one with real humans or animals." Though, Hutchinson adds,

You can have a penis car flying into a vagina house. If you want to live in penistown, that's fine. We'll give you the filter to ban it out.

Thus, users will be able to filter Second Life-esque content they don't like from their own experience. We're sure the creator editor will be loads of fun at the beginning — like Miis were. Fingers crossed the game has enough grist to keep our interest over the long haul. Penistown sounds like a start!
Spore Surprising [Multiplayer][Pic]


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