Pete Molyneux Would Prefer To Use The 360's HDD

Speaking with Eurogamer, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has chimed in on the increasingly-important issue of HDD usage for 360 games.

Given the choice, I'd obviously choose a hard drive every day of the week...But the balance to that is you're supporting a system which is an awful lot cheaper.

What I'm trying to address with Fable 2 is say 'Look, anybody can play this game.' That's what I really want. So supporting the cheaper price is really important.

Is it? Some 360 games are really starting to suffer from not being able to use the HDD, with Mass Effect (load times and texture pop-in) and more recently Lost Odyssey (I'm on my ninth lock-up from my poor little disc drive shitting itself) two examples of games that could have been a lot better were Microsoft to allow developers to make HDD usage mandatory. Besides, how many Arcade owners are going to be buying games like Lost Odyssey and Fable 2, anyways? Enough to warrant a lesser experience for the rest of us?
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