Phil Harrison Is Joining Atari?

This. Is. Insane. Rumour has it Phil Harrison is leaving Sony to join, you might want to sit down, Atari. Yes, Atari. That Atari.


Apparently, Phil Harrison is joining forces with ex-EA exec and current Atari honcho David Gardner to make the beleaguered company less crappy. Previously, Gardner said:

My goal is to help rebuild that passion around the company. First, with the employees and then very quickly to spread it virally on the internet to millions of new customers. I have a personal challenge to create a world-class company that is European in flavor but reaches global markets.

This will take some time of course, but here we have fantastic gaming DNA formed at the birth of the industry, access to creative talent and a company with the working capital to make the necessary investments to realise this vision.

If this is true, wow, just wow. (That, and lolololol.) If it's not, we're happy to see sanity prevail.
Harrison Joining Atari? [Games Industry Thanks, Luke Smith!][Pic]


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