Phil Harrison: Wii Install Base Is Over Half-Empty To Third Parties

Sony Computer Entertainment's worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison countered the success of Nintendo's latest console at GDC today, according to a Gamasutra report, saying that the Wii's "addressable market is only 40% of the installed base". He's talking about the prospects of third party developers, who, despite having a massive Wii customer base to sell to, have to compete with Nintendo's own software, effectively limiting the market by more than half.

That's gotta be one of the best back-handed compliments ever, I'd think, and maybe not entirely accurate. Sure, Nintendo dominates software charts with first party product, but games like Capcom's Resident Evil efforts, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics and Guitar Hero III have done pretty well for themselves on the Wii.

Sony's Harrison: You Can't Get Wii's Whole Audience [Gamasutra]


    Phil Harrison is such a cockbag. It seems like all he ever does is bash his competitors.

    hes not bashing, hes right, what 3rd party game have you played on the wii so far? look at the 3rd party games at the wii right now, look at their sales for a console that currently has a 20 million install base right now. not to mention how crappy they are.

    When your in the team thats loosing, act like a looser.

    I find it interesting to note that a major selling point of the ps3, and something that they have spent a great deal of money advertising (especially now) is that the ps3 is also a blue ray player, and people should consider buying it only for that.

    Now, in essence, this means that they are selling machines to the same old people, young people and woman (well, they want to, none in those groups can or will fork over that kind of money for anything technology based, and will instead wait till they pretty much have no choice).

    This means that while some people will buy a wii basically for wii sports, they are still using it as a gaming machine. Thus, there is still a potential for future software sales, and every console sold still adds another possible consumer to the wii market. (This is ignoring the fact that nintendo actually makes money off people doing this.)

    The same is not true for the ps3. Despite the fact that this guy bemones that not everyone that owns a wii will buy your game, he is pushing a product that they intended to sell to people that never intented to buy a game in their lives. So that means that this year, there will be a significant amount of ps3's sold as glorified DVD players to people who will never buy a game period (at a loss on each unit). And this is helping the 3rd party developers how?

    And finally, to the guy who claims that it is not worth playing 3rd party wii games cause they suck. How is this nintendo's fault? If you make a shit game, and it does not sell, then dont make shit games. If nintendo makes a shit game (sunshine), and it does not sell, I blame nintendo, and I dont buy it.

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