PlayStation 3 Gets Metal Gear Online Beta In April

In addition to announcing a ship date and hardware bundle for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, SCEA today revealed that a beta for the game's online component will happen before the June release. Metal Gear Online, as you may be aware, will be a separate release from the single player experience, but Metal Gear Solid 4 will come with a "starter pack" that will give gamers a taste of what to expect from the full version.

The multiplayer beta test for Metal Gear Online will kick off in April for those who pre-order the game. Run, do not walk, to your local retailer and bring a fiver with you.


    I can't believe this. This was possibly the happiest day of my life. We've all been waiting to see PS3 to make a comeback, we've all been waiting for MGS' grand finale, and we've all been waiting for that beautiful rumble in our hands. They're all BUNDLED TOGETHER!!! Is that PS3 fantasy pack or something?! Thanks Kotaku as always for keeping us updated!

    I've been looking forward to this for ages. I have followed the whole story through the first one on play station.

    What do you do after you pre-order it to be in the beta test?

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