PlayStation 3 Outsells Xbox 360, DS In January

There's a reason that Microsoft issued a preemptive damage control statement earlier today about its current supply issues with the Xbox 360—the console is sitting at the bottom of the NPD Group's January 2008 sales charts with an atypically low 230,000 units sold in the United States. We wouldn't be at all surprised if Nintendo chalks up less than mind-blowing sales of the Wii and Nintendo DS to similar supply problems later tonight. The post-holiday race looks pretty much like a dead heat.

  • Wii - 274,000
  • PlayStation 3 - 269,000
  • Nintendo DS - 251,000
  • PlayStation Portable - 230,000
  • Xbox 360 - 230,000

But lets give it up for the PlayStation 3. As I predicted in last week's episode of GameTrailers TV, the console outsold Microsoft's box last month, which makes me pretty much the smartest person in the room. Curiously though, no PlayStation 2 hardware numbers were provided by the NPD Group, and we hope to get the data from Sony themselves when they gloat.


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