PlayStation Eye Headtracking Requires Nothing But A Face

Programming whiz Thomas Miller of Sony Computer Entertainment America wowed us with his technological alchemy earlier this month, whipping up a cool head tracking demo for the PlayStation 3. All that was required, at the time, was a PS3, a PlayStation Eye and a pair of glasses with infrared LEDs tacked on. Neat stuff. But at last week's GDC, Sony was showing a version that simply required a face, no glasses required.

Using facial recognition know-how, the Eye could track one or more faces, altering the on-screen image to great, simulated 3D effect. MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo has video of the tech in action, but one thing that might not be evident in the video is that it also can determine the direction in which you're looking. The possibilities? Cool. The video? Over at MTV (and only available to US residents).

PlayStation 3 Head-Tracking — No Gimmicks, No Glasses, Just A Camera (Watch this) [MTV Multiplayer]


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