PlayStation Eye Tank War Demo Is "Next Gen" Tech

We've seen videos of Sony's Tank War Demo for the PS Eye before, and they looked really intriguing. But after having a hands-on today, I'm really excited over the simple tech demo.

As long as you position the various elements of the tank in proper relative positions (tank body middle, treads off to the side and a turret up top), the software smoothly integrates the design to a badass killing machine.

After shooting the video, I drew a tank of my own and was incredibly impressed by the easily digitized product. Because while we've seen this tank game before on plenty of platforms, playing with your own customisable character on screen is unbelievably fulfilling. Sure, the first thing many of us think is perverted drawings cropping up in multiplayer matches, but watch the vid and you'll realise that the unforeseen potential in the technology could bring interesting gameplay possibilities—even in a small tech demo like this one.


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