PlayStation Store Update: Track Pack Attack

Looking for something new to play on your PlayStation 3 today? Then don't visit the PlayStation Store, because it's severely lacking in updated playable content. Today would've been the perfect time for someone to strike with a PSN title, because it would've been all by its lonesome. This Thursday's North American PlayStation Store update is packed with music to download (and re-download) plus a bunch of new video content. A few freebies round it out this week, but we'd have certainly liked to see at least one PSone classic to spend our hard earned money on. The full list of updates is right after this.

Games and Demos

Add-ons and Expansions
PAIN Scurv Dogg character ($US 0.99)
Rock Band tracks ($US 1.99 each) - "March of the Pigs", "The Collector" and "The Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails
Rock Band Nine Inch Nails Track Pack ($US 5.49)
Guitar Hero III No Doubt Track Pack - "Don't Speak", "Excuse Me Mr" and "Sunday Morning" by No Doubt

Game Videos
MLB 08 The Show My MLB Music Video
MLB 08 The Show Blog Video
NBA 08 Amare Stoudemire Bio
Condemned 2: Bloodshot trailer 1
Lost Planet trailer 2

Move and Television Trailers
Star Trek teaser

Wallpapers and Themes
PAIN "Scurv Dogg" theme
Rocketmen: Axis of Evil wallpapers


    & they have taken Riff: Everyday Shooter down

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