Shows, Then Pulls New PS3 Network Features saw an update to its PlayStation 3 section earlier today, a fact pointed out by an eagle-eyed reader who noticed that new information on Home had finally arrived on the official US site. While we watched the preview video, hoping for new information or a more solid release date, there appeared to be nothing substantially new. The embedded video showed off the game's theater sections, mini-games, chat features and 3D trophy capabilities, but not too much else.

Curiously, though, someone at decided that whatever was being touted on the new PlayStation Network pages was something that wasn't quite ready for prime time. Perhaps it was the other PSN features, one that hints at new functionality coming soon.


While most of that's standard stuff—excluding mention of Home, something the current PlayStation Network web site doesn't do—one piece of new info surprised us. On the new PlayStation Network pages, Sony promises that you'll be able to "talk to others during gameplay, say hello anytime you're online or have a video chat with an Eye camera, USB camera or headset." Yes, most of those options are currently in there, with the exception of the during gameplay part.

It's pretty clear that Sony has heard PlayStation 3 owner demands for in-game access to the Cross Media Bar (XMB)—they say "some of the XMB features" may become accessible during gameplay—but does this signal that it's coming soon? With GDC going down next week, we wouldn't be surprised to hear an announcement about these new features within days.

Thanks to Joel for the heads up.


    They're saving it all for Home.

    I for one do not care about Home or a XMB.

    Expect a lot of movement around GTA4, newer SKUs, price drop and so on...

    "It's pretty clear that Sony has heard PlayStation 3 owner demands for in-game access to the Cross Media Bar"

    I was not one of them...
    I think is better give all system resources to the game, that limit the resources available to the game by always running some back process, that uses memory and processor power that could be used for better IA, textures, etc.

    They are limiting benefits to all gamers, by making happy a few, not everyone play their games connected to internet.

    Whats the benefit of the consoles if the game cant take full control of the hardware resources, i dislike this things sony are doing to follow microsoft, microsoft is wrong, we... at least i dont want this console to pc trend.

    This is great news!! I've been anxiously waiting for In-Game XMB since day one... As a former xbox 360 owner, this is the feature i miss the most about XBOX Live, shame on Sony, this should have been done long ago.

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