Postal the Movie To Take on Indiana Jones?

Postal the Movie To Take on Indiana Jones?

“I was laughing, and I was like ‘Wow, I’m laughing.”

Vince Desi wants to get something straight right from the get go: Uwe Boll’s Postal movie isn’t a masterpiece, but it is, he thinks, at least entertaining.

The funny thing is that it probably wouldn’t have even been that if it weren’t for Boll’s decision early on to mostly ignore the treatment that Postal developer Running With Scissors turned in and take the film in a different direction.

RWS’s take was a hardcore action flick, something filled with “Postal scenes”, something that even the Running With Scissors guys admit, isn’t Boll’s forte.

Instead Boll decided to turn the movie into satire, something that Desi thinks is actually a good fit for the German director. The end result was an $US 18 million movie that is mostly ad-libbed by the likes of David Foley and Vern Troyer. Even Desi, who makes a significant walk-on in the film, ad-libbed most of his lines. And Boll is a man who apparently doesn’t believe in multiple takes, likley one of the reasons many of his films have bombed. While that doesn’t work for sweeping epics, it might just work for a comedy.

Despite thinking that the movie is worth a watch, Desi knows that most of its money will likely come from DVD sales and that the theatrical appearance is really just there to get the name in front of peoples’ faces. In fact, Desi says that Universal, which is distributing the movie, is seriously considering having it open in the vacuum created by the upcoming release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

“No one is releasing a film that weekend because they know Indiana Jones will kill it, so we’re thinking of releasing it then,” he said. “I’m a marketing guy and I can see the Postal Guy takes on Indiana Jones.”

So sure are the Running With Scissors guys that Postal will do well… in video… that they’ve already starting working on a rough draft for the sequel, Postal 2.

Desi sees the movie hitting this summer, and then it going to DVD shortly after. He says he’s working to arrange a special edition that will include the film and a copy of the previous games for PC. Then the Postal Babe mobile games will hit (the most violent mobile game Desi says he’s ever seen) and then work will start on the second movie and Postal 3 the game will be ready to ship.

“That’s our 18 to 24-month plan,” he said

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