Presidential Candidate's Coffers Flush With Cash From Developers, Publishers

Yeah, the filthy rich and super-important make donations to Presidential candidates, but everyday folk do as well. And games developers are everyday folk. 1UP have, using the Fundrace 2008 online search tool, found which people from which studios have donated to the various candidates. Those hoping/expecting for some love for Hillary Clinton will be sorely disappointed.

Instead, it's Ron Paul who's the overwhelming favourite amongst developers (and publishers), with 13 of the 35 people 1UP tracked down opting for the Republican candidate. As far as party preference goes, 21 opted for Republican candidates, with only 14 sliding the Democrats some cash, while in terms of hard cash donated this meant $US 27,459 was raised for the Republican candidates, with only $US 18,832 coughed up for the Democrats. And the biggest single donation? $US 4600, a mark shared by three people: Activision co-Chairman Brian Kelly and EA execs Cindy Nicola & Steven Schnur.

Small change in the grand scheme of things, sure, but interesting nonetheless. There's more fun political and numbery stuff over at 1UP's piece, head there to check out the full breakdown.
Playing Politics: Game Makers' Political Contributions [1UP]


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