Pretty Amazing Personal Arcade Collection

wapoarcade.jpg The Washington Post has a neat little article on Peter Hirschberg, a Linden, VA guy who has made a hobby out of restoring old arcade games. Hirschberg recently completed building his own personal arcade, dubbed "Luna City Arcade," filled with 65 restored arcade classics. It's a private collection, but Hirschberg seems happy to show it off within reason:

For Hirschberg, the arcade is a labor of love, not a business. There are change machines on either end of the arcade that freely spit out quarters at the touch of a button — Hirschberg doesn't ask his guests to spend their own money to play. The arcade is illuminated with blacklights, all the better to light up the space-themed carpet. To complete the scene, his personal soundtrack of 1980-era rock tunes by Foreigner and Journey play on the stereo.

A complete list of his arcade games and other stuff can be found at his website.

Heaven in His '80s Arcade [Washington Post, photo credit David Beltran-del-rio]


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