Problems that Plague the Erotic Game Industry

Japan's erotic gaming industry isn't all raindrops and lollypops! Website Canned Dogs has a look at what's hurting the once throbbing thriving genre. Apparently, erotic game companies have hit hard times and are restructuring. With doujin games generating a bigger and bigger fan base, erotic games are having a difficult time competing. Doujin games are typically made by only a few people, and some doujin makers are popular enough to even make a living off selling their wares, while avoiding all the headaches that go with being an actual company. To compete, eroge companies try to offer better quality art than the "amateur" doujin titles. The thinking is that they can sell the game just based on screenshots. Companies are also restructuring, and the first to go are the writers. Not good for text heavy erotic games where sharp writing is key! What's more, many eroge writers have moved on from naughty games and are publishing novels instead. Companies are forced to outsource stuff out to freelancers to varying degrees of success. And with the erotic game industry becoming less and less appealing, the new talent pool shrinkage. Hey, that's not erotic at all!

Eds Note: Hobby Blog has some interesting insights on this as well.

Eroge Industry Probs [Canned Dogs]  


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