Professor Layton Sequel Coming Says Game Manual

According to the game manual for Professor Layton and the Curious Village, the second game in the trilogy should be hitting US shores soon. Game Life is reporting that like it's Japanese Counterpart, the US version of Professor Layton contains a password entry screen that can only be unlocked by playing the game's sequel. The game manual states that the secret password "will be revealed in the sequel."

Of course we have certainly been promised games before that never materialized, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I've played a little bit of the Japanese version and was absolutely enthralled until I couldn't get any further due to my ignorance of the language. As soon as I can finish all this writing today you can bet I'll be diving into the US version and the prospect of a sequel leaves me dancing a mad jig.

Professor Layton Sequel Confirmed For U.S. [Game|Life]


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