PS3 Sells A Million In UK - Faster Than PS2

Less than a year after it's March 23rd launch in the United Kingdom and the PlayStation 3 has hit the million units sold mark, according to UK market research company Chart-Track. Despite a somewhat rocky start, Sony's initially luxury-priced console has managed to reach said milestone even faster than it's predecessor, the PlayStation 2. Not only has it outperformed it's older brother, but the PS3 has also been completely kicking the ass of Microsoft's Xbox 360 as well.

ChartTrack has also revealed that the Sony console has been outselling 360 for the last month. "It has been outselling 360 for the last four weeks, but they were neck and neck over the Christmas period, weeks 49-52," said ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch.

I'd imagine the recent triumphs of blu-ray over HD DVD have had quite a hand in spurring PS3 sales, and things will only get better for Sony's console.

PS3 hits 1m in UK [MCV]


    yay sony has always been the best good on you sony!

    Gotta say the huge sales of PS3 in PAL territories baffles me. We got charged much much more for a system with so many things taken out of it. ANd had to wait months to get it too.

    I guess the thrown in HD TVs helped a bit on launch in the UK and the recent PS3 thrown in with Bravias over the holidays.

    Sony is the best product in the world after sony any product I love sony products

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