PSP2 Concept Is Totally Fugtastic

The PSP2, at first glance, has absurd analog stick placement, features a screen that juts out from the casing for now reason and looks tactilely synonymous with playing a stale loaf of bread. But as a mod that could play your PS One and PS2 discs on a flawless OLED screen and export hi def video out (along with Dolby), it's completely geektastic. Sure, the designer could have made a sleek device with touch controls, but this unit is sadly size realistic if you imagine what modders will be able to accomplish in a few years when slimmer Blu-ray drives come out (their spec sheet didn't mention Blu-ray, but as long as we're making stuff up, why not?).

For those who like to indulge in the imaginary, here's the entire spec list:

psp222.jpgHow about we just take the old body, 32GB SSD and OLED screen and call it a day? Oh, and to any other PSP2 designers, this model is still my reigning champion. Can you dethrone it? Shoot me an email on the side of the page with your renders.

Thanks Nicolas!


    i think it looks cool. if it were compact enough to fit in your pocket, then i think that would really take off, especially the ps2 backwards compatibility.
    however, chances of them cramming that technology into a sleek current psp sized body, slim to none.

    come on sony, take the challenge up of a TRULY next generation handheld.

    also just thought id add that the other oncept shown a while ago looked cooler, but may not have had some of the imaginary cool features this one had.

    Why does the logo say "PS2P"?

    Is it a Playstation 2 Portable or a Playstation Portable 2?

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