PSP2 Concepts, A New Challenge!

In what is looking to be an increasingly official PSP2 design contest, we have another concept. This entry is not only being posted for its unique inclusion of a double-duty flip screen (complete with touch XMB support), but as an earnest attempt to drive our own Luke Plunkett completely mad. Once a happy-go-lucky Aussie, after years of acquiring official press photos for various Sony products, nothing pains him more than a fan-made mock-up of our favorite hardware to be.

So it's with this altruistic motive that I am hereby announcing the official Kotaku PSP2 Design Challenge. Quite simply, you draft an incredible PSP2 design (like this bad boy), and the readers will vote on their favorite. While I am unable to procure an official prize, know that the winner will be solely responsible for driving at least one Kotaku staffer completely mad. Let the games begin! (Email all entries to my address on the side of the page ASAP.) Oh, and here are four bonus shots of the latest entry by Paul Tobeck:



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