PSP Gets 18 and Up Erotic Game

Nope, Sony can't stop risqué UMDs! Nor risqué "games," it seems! Take Soleil, which is truly an 18 and up erotic game. Released yesterday in Japan, Soleil follows three maids, who are also high school students. Fascinating! Originally, the game was released last year on PCs as Sugao no Bishou (Real Smile). Since the game isn't really a PSP game per se, but more of an interactive movie, it's possible to get a PSP release as a UMD video. Sony is strict about game software, but doesn't have much control over UMD movies (hence, UMD porn). For the curious, not-so-graphic-but-still-NSFW screenies after the jump! Proceed with caution.


    This will be released as a movie but the OFLC will find a way to ban this here. Thanks for deciding what I as an adult can and can't see for me. (If I turn out to be wrong I'll gladly eat my words, but these guys ban over the littlest things.)

    its good for every adult mostly adlt guy have the psp but they havent any adult game for it i also request sony to launch adult games for psp but there was a problem to they havent give the name of the game because mostly adults want to purchace it but without name no one can purchase it so i request to send me the name of the game and i also rrequest to kotaku that dont stop releasing adult games for psp kotaku help many adults and the game also

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