PSP Redesign Concept Longs For Reality

The PSP Slim is alright, but it was a redesign that fell far short from standards we've seen from Nintendo. This PSP concept takes something I normally detest, sliders, and makes it practical. Hiding the buttons under the screen offers more visual real estate per pocket-filling inch. And if such a screen could tilt even 10 degrees for glare and support touch controls for a little on-screen QWERTY functionality, I'd throw by DS to the ground and stomp it with all my might. But alas, it's not a Sony design. Here's the open shot:

2257628900_77906cf29f_o-12.jpgHotness. But what's with those shoulder buttons?

Concept [flickr via PSPFanboy]


    The slim works fine for me just how it is and I'd prefer a wider profile device than a taller one. Moreso, those controls would be far too cramped to play most action games.

    Still, I'd like to see a clam shell PSP with a larger screen. Sliders are generally much more problematic and tend to fail quicker than clam-shell designs.

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