PSP Slim & Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Competition Winners

PSP Slim & Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Competition Winners
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Hopefully you didn’t miss the Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness competition we ran over the last couple of weeks. Before you get all worked up, it ended last Wednesday.

As such, we took some time over the weekend to peruse the entries and select five winners. Four of these will take home a copy of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. The top of the bunch will receive a lovely new PSP Slim and a copy of the game.

The competition demanded creativity. It taxed the edges of your imagination. It asked, somewhat kindly, for you to craft something epic.

And craft you did.

Judging these was rough as hell. It’s hard looking at art people have poured a lot of time and effort into, knowing you can only pick five of them to reward. So, if you sent an entry in, you’d be well advised to hold your breath before hitting the jump.

Just remember to let it go at some point.

Big props to KEOI and THQ for making the whole thing possible.
First runner-up: Daniel Purvis

Second runner-up: Alecat

Third runner-up: Dave Hood

Fourth runner-up: Dark Moogle

Winner: John Gregg
Congratulations guys! We’ll be in contact shortly to organise mailing details and the like. Thanks to everyone who entered – quality definitely wasn’t in short supply.


  • Props to the winners, hope you guys enjoy your prizes. The first runner up design, looks awesome. I’d love to see it on a shirt.

  • AHHHHHH! I knew I was at least in the top 5, but props to the John Gregg for his Laharl figure. Can I ask what you used to make yours?

    Also, I’m really shattered now because this is my first Disgaea game but I don’t have a PSP to play it on (so this is like the ultimate taunt since I’m an unemployed student who can’t afford one)

  • Yay! OMG! Thank you so much! I can’t believe I won. The other entries are so good though. I can’t believe it. Thank you!!

  • Wooooooo! Congrats to the winner and others.

    Love the Dark Moogle entry hehe hope you didn’t have to buy the table you stole the legs from just for the competition. Haha.

  • Sure. It was made with Super Sculpy which is kind of like clay but easier to work with. Then I painted it with acrylic paint and then baked it. I finished it off with a glaze to make Laharl look shinier.

    Like I said, I loved you’re entry, it’s so awesome. Everyone else’s to.

  • @ Daniel Purvis

    My mum actually picked those up ages ago to put on the bottom of our couch (because it is really low) but they weren’t strong enough so we just had them sitting in the drawers.

  • Whooo! Thanks Kotaku 😀

    Now I wish I’d picked a different media, but hell, I didn’t even think I’d get even close to winning. Great work from everyone else, I’d love to see what other creations people made.

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