Pure Offroad Racing In Motion

What kind of name is Pure for a quad bike racer? A Disney Interactive Studios name. Pure is the latest game from ATV Offroad Fury 3 and up developer Climax, who've since taken on the name Black Rock Studios because - let's face it - they aren't very good with names. Not only does Pure not have much to do with the dirty sport of quad racing, it also lends itself to some extremely witty headlines once the game come out for the 360, PS3, and PC this fall. Will it be "Pure Shit" or "Pure Bliss"? Will Pure be tainted with glitches, or will it be Pure perfection? Feel free to use the comments section to come up with your own prospective Pure headline!


    I bought pure and i must say it is Pure Shit! it doesnt have ground stunts like offroad fury did, like riding on your side wheels and stuff and the game is also repetitive. i got bored of the game in the same day i bought it. Oh, and the loading screens are a fucking pain in the ass! they take so long! Seriously, theres a lot that should hve been worked on this game before it reached the stores...

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