Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Impressions


I played through a sizable chunk of Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice over the past week or so, and I was surprised to find that I sorta liked it. I was surprised because I loathed the first game, it seemed too button mashy for me and I didn't feel like all the button slapping resulted in a big enough pay-off to make it worthwhile.

Extreme Justice still has you slogging away at the buttons, but they've mixed up the missions enough to make it seem worthwhile, at least, a bit for me.

This latest version includes some new vehicles and weapons as well as better graphics, which help with the pay-off quite a bit. It also comes with a new multiplayer mode that includes four types of play, one of which is on foot.

For the uninitiated, Pursuit Force, both of them, is really about leaping from one car to the other. Sure there's the driving, and the shooting, but what makes the game is the ability to jump onto the hood of a moving car or truck or what have you.

Normally, I wouldn't think that this bit of action-movie silliness would be enough to capture my interest, but apparently I'm a very shallow person. I got so into the game one night, that I had to slip about of bed about 1 a.m. to go play in the other room because the constant button tapping was driving my half-asleep wife nuts.

I would sort of get bored with the driving and leaping, but then a foot mission (which has pretty horrid AI and annoying controls) would pop-up. For some reason, I would keep playing, muscling through my annoyance to get back to the driving bits. Make that the jumping and car surfing bits.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy a couple of levels thoroughly. For some reason I found the sniper levels a lot of fun. In them you have to protect your side-kick or side-kicks by taking out the bad guys while perched on some distant grassy knoll. The controls were a bit too wobbily to make headshots a real possibility, but I still enjoyed it.

I guess what I'm saying is that I enjoyed Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice despite myself and that I sit here today, having nearly beaten the game, still trying to figure out why I spent so much time playing it.

Have any of you picked it up? Could you, perhaps, explain why I kept playing it?


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