R4 Cartridge Discovered in GameStop Ad

Kotakuite razmig snapped this rather interesting photo at his local GameStop. In a sign promoting the Nerf DS case, he noticed something a little strange. Right there in the case, nestled among the other games is an R4 cartridge. For those not in the know, the R4 is a popular product that will allow its users to download and play DS games illegally through the use of a Micro SD card. Mind you, the cartridge itself is technically not illegal, but given GameStop's hard stance on this type of thing and Nintendo's recent crackdown on piracy, I'm rather surprised this ad made it through. Having been a graphic designer, I know these things get looked at by a number of people before it goes to print and I would think someone would have caught it. Guess not.


    The R4 has many functions - it allows you to play music and video's on your DS, as well as demo games available only in other countries, but for free. It's a perfectly legitimate device which I, a non-pirate, would like to get one day.

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