Raccoon City Times Interview With Silent Hill V Writer

The Raccoon City Times has a short but interesting interview up with Silent Hill V co-writer Patrick J. Doody. He covers some interesting subjects in the page long interview like the differences between writing for games as opposed to film, the difficulties of navigating the Silent Hill lore and how this game will be the scariest of the lot.

Overall, the game's scares will be the biggest we've had, and that's not just jump scares - the eerie feeling of dread will be heightened because the designers can really immerse you emotionally through amazing environments and wild-looking demons. However, story wise, Silent Hill hasn't typically been "scary," as it's more about the depths of madness and terror it takes the player. Clearly I can't talk about the story of the game, but I can say that we have worked very hard on making it the most disturbing drama of the entire series. My hope is that players will be affected by the game's end.

While Doody doesn't give too much away about the plot of the game, his explanation of the writing experience is extremely interesting. Nice bit of weekend reading for Silent Hill fans.

Danny Interviews Patrick J. Doody, one of the writers of Silent Hill 5


    My only worry is that this is being done by a western developer.. the greatest thing about the Silent Hill series, and Japanese "horror" in general, is that it tends to rely on psychological horror, rather than graphic/gore like Western horror does.

    I hope they don't make SH5 into a blood frenzy..

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