Read GamePro’s “Nonsense” Gears of War 2 Article

Read GamePro’s “Nonsense” Gears of War 2 Article

Yeah, that overhyped Gears of War 2 GamePro article has been trashed by Epic honcho Mark Rein, who called the article “complete nonsense.” Since the developer hasn’t given the magazine an exclusive, what the hizzy heck does the article actually say? Kotaku commenter Willows sent us a scan of the article. It reads:

Gears of War 2 hasn’t officially been announced yet, but our sources rumour that the sequel to the Xbox 360 hit is indeed coming in 2008. And what better way for Microsoft to counter Metal Gear than with a few gears of its own.

But it’s not enough to just retread shooter territory in Gears 2. The first game was great, but it didn’t blow anyone away with originality. It simply put all the best aspects of other shooters into one amazing package. And aside from the obvious graphical superiority and online co-op mode, most of Gears of War was standard shooter stuff.

Yep! Hit the jump for the rest of the article:


  • Clearly Microsoft/Epic are saving the Gears of War 2 announcement for this years E3…

    In the meantime expect more of these pointless articles designed to sell magazines!

  • Gears of War 2 is almost certainly to be announced at GDC so they’re only jumping the gun by a tiny bit. Considering we’ve had a steady trickle of news about the game since its release: a patch, a movie deal, a map pack, a movie script review, a novelisation, a PC version, toys. It seems like ripe time for a sequel.

    Plus Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars has already prophesised the announcement and we know he/she/it is the all seeing oracle of gaming journalism.

    Plus she probably bakes delicious cookies that make you forget.

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