Red Ring of Death, Naughty Faceplate

Red Ring of Death sucks. Those who've seen the mark know the feeling of having to send their console back in hopes of getting it fixed — or better yet, a new one. But some people don't want a new one. Perhaps they are attached to their console and have fond memories of it. They want their machine fixed. One Japanese Xbox 360 owner (and [email protected] fan) sent his off to repairs and made this short clip when it got back. He writes:

My bride came back.! My Xbox 360 is back from Repairs and I couldn't be any happier. I was so happy... I decided to make a very simple very short video showing my wonderful Xbox and how it is after getting back from the repair

And how does he know its his? The serial number and, well, his topless teen faceplate. Yep.

Oh, sorry about the clip size. You're going to have to squint. But, really, perhaps that's for the best. Thanks, Muu for the tip!
sm2127319 [NicoNico]


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