Remembering The Joystick

Man, what happened to the joystick? One minute, it's the only way to play (or at least fly), the next, they're gathering dust up the back of your local games store, under the shelf where they keep LCD screen cleaners and novelty disc trays. Where'd it all go wrong? A cute piece on MSN UK asks that very question, taking the view that, like Sam Neil argues in Jurassic Park, the joystick never really went away. It just evolved, in this case not into birds, but into the thumbsticks featuring across all of today's consoles. Which is a nice thought, but when I look at my dear old friend pictured above, and then at a control pad, it's just not the same. Excuse me....*sniff*
Whatever happened to the joystick [MSN, via Slashdot]


    I bought a joystick last week no troubles. Walked right into Harvey Norman and got this:

    Unfortunately the quality of joysticks has gone down, not up since the old days. They are essential for flying games on PC, and the decline in joysticks is a direct result of a decline in the flight genres (not the other way around like the article says).

    Personally, I discovered FreeSpace SCP only recently (been around for YONKS) and decided a stick was a necessity. The game has so many campaigns and total conversions the stick will get its moneys worth. FreeSpace SCP is free BTW.

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