Resident Evil 5 Going Xbox 360 Only? Capcom Says "No"

With the Game Developers Conference just a week away, we're expecting a few megaton bombs to drop, most likely in the form of big shooter announcements and hands-on time with games previously kept away from middling press types. Amid hints from Microsoft that it has one or two reveals still up its corporate sleeve has come chatter that Resident Evil 5 may become an Xbox 360 exclusive. The source? A GameStop listing that shows the title for the 360, but not for its other announced platform, the PlayStation 3. Not much to go on, considering the game has been announced as a multi-platform title months ago, but not out of the realm of possibility.

Curious, we asked Capcom Senior Director of Communications Chris Kramer about the speculation, who responded "Resident Evil 5 is coming for PS3 and 360."

We pointed out that online retailer Amazon has a similar hitch in the listing of the games, with the Xbox 360 version having a release date scheduled for October, but nothing for its PS3 counterpart. "We haven't given either retailer any new information on the game, so it's most likely hiccups in the system," he said "The goal is for both products to ship simultaneously, as [Devil May Cry]4 just did."

It sounds a bit off the wall to us, but Microsoft has done an admirable job of securing exclusive content from Capcom in the past. Given Devil May Cry 4's impressive PlayStation 3 sales in Japan, it doesn't seem to make much financial sense, especially in light of the company's multi-platform focus. We're not quite ready to believe that Resident Evil 5 is dropping PS3 support, but we're certainly going to keep an eye on it.


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