Resistance 2 Details Ripe For The Picking

1UP recently rounded up all the deets on Resistance 2 and placed them on a mega buffet for Insomniac fanboys to devour. There's a lot of stuff here that I'd either missed or forgotten through eclectic the mixture of endless booze, writing, gaming and $US 6 burritos with guac that compose my life's opus.

For instance, did you realise that the single-player campaign is pretty much finished, the game's narration is dead, the 8 person campaign multiplayer will support a class system ala Battlefield 2 and Team Fortress, or that Insomniac is doing their damndest to get 60 players on a map at once? If not, you might want to hit up the link for a full refresher course. Because that and a bottle of Cholula will pretty much set you until fall 2008.

Previews: Resistance 2 [1UP via PS3Blog]


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