Riddick, Darkness Devs "Reinventing" Classic EA Franchise

Starbreeze, the developers behind Riddick and The Darkness, have announced that they've teamed up with EA to "reinvent one of EA's most acclaimed classic franchises". The project, which at the moment is going under the codename Project RedLime, will be released on 360, PS3 and PC. So...what could it be? EA have a ton of "acclaimed classic franchises", like Skate or Die and the Strike series, and they bought loads more, like Origin's and Bullfrog's back catalogues. Since Starbreeze seem big on FPS games, though, I'm gonna go a little leftfield and suggest (or...madly hope) that it's a new Crusader game. Twelve years is far too long to go without further adventures of gaming's most badarse red mailbox.


    Clearly System Shock after the success of Bioshock and their history with Riddick & Darkness.

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