Right Now, Bashcraft Doesn't Hate Wii Fit

DSCF9792.JPG I did it. I finally caved and got Wii Fit. I didn't want to get Wii Fit. When Crecente and I got hands on (feet on?) with Wii Fit at E3 last year, I didn't really like it. Wii Fit wasn't a game, I said. It was a piece of exercise equipment, I pointed out. Well, it's still not a game, and it's still a piece of exercise equipment. You know what? That's okay. Wife and I tried it out today in the afternoon, she really liked it — said it was fun and whatnot. And me? After spending a bit of time with Wii Fit, I actually started to dig it. Yeah, it's Wii Sports repacked with a new peripheral, but the mini-games and the Balance Board are a good time. I remember thinking the same thing about Wii Sports when I got it, too. So, ask me in a month to see how I really feel. Tell me: Is anyone in Kotakuland thinking of picking this up when it comes out in the West?


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