RumourSmash: 360 Gets GTA Online Exclusive

We were perplexed, yesterday, while listening to Larry Hryb's special mid-week interview with Don Mattrick, when we heard the Microsoft Entertainment boss seem to say that the Xbox 360 was not only getting exclusive downloadable content, but that online multiplayer support was also exclusive to the 360.

I'm really excited with GTA IV's downloadable content and online multiplayer support, again that's something that's unique to 360. We think consumers are gonna love that. It's gonna create what I would describe again as the premium experience on our platform.

It was weird to hear Mattrick seemingly bunch together those two things into a sentence about things unique to the 360. After doing some digging we found that it wasn't the first time Microsoft has made it sound like only the 360 is getting the online GTA play. To clear it up we contacted Rockstar, which was quick to respond, crushing the rumor, and perhaps Microsoft's hopes, under the heel of their steel-tipped boots.

"To answer your question, the PS3 version of the game will indeed have online multiplayer just as the 360 version does. "

Microsoft playing loose with the language or a genuine mistake? We'll probably never find out.


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