Sakurai Apologises for No Voice Chat

Super Smash Bros. Brawl creator Masahiro Sakurai had the best intentions, really. Like, when he started making SSBB, he thought it would be great if the online battles between friends had voice chat and possibly even keyboard chat. Hey, that sounds pretty great! What the hell happened?

But there are all sorts of rules and regulations regarding communication on the Wii platform and so it was apparent to me that it just wouldn't come together, we weren't going to be able to do it, so we decided to cancel that feature. I'm very sorry about that. But if you're really desperate for it, you could set up Skype by your game station and go at it with a friend if you like.

Eh? No, thanks. We'll stick to talking loudly at the television. Sure, Nintendo has said in the past that it hopes to make online pleasant for those not used to it — meaning, they didn't want people to get their feelings hurt. Fair, enough! But, why no online SSBB ranking? "It can also be kind of trying and painful for some people who want to be at the top and think that they're really good at Smash and they look at their online ranking and they're the one-hundred-thousandth best Smash Bros. player", Sakurai says. Wow, just wow. After you've figured that one out, hit the jump for Sakurai's say on future franchise installments:

Well, the series has already had three iterations so I cannot say with one-hundred percent confidence that there won't be any additional Smash Bros. games ever. But, at the same time I'd really like to note that I feel like with Brawl there are already so many modes and so much to do that it's really hard to exhaust what you can do with this game. I'm really against the idea of merely creating a sequel that would add modes or increase the number of characters in the roster — all the sort of things that just simply fatten up the game. I'd like to avoid just doing that if a sequel ever came out.

Is he joking or being ironic or something? Elsewhere in the interview, Sakurai says he has no plans on making a DS port.

Sakurai on SSBB [IGN via Eurogamer][Pic]


    in terms of the on line chat, i can understand the apprehensions. if you know the person your playing then its not like you can't AIM, MSN, or skype them, and if you don't know them then theres not much point talking. in my experience (i.e halo chat) all that you get when your playing casually are retards that just swear and make stupid jokes. and isnt it illeagal to talk if your playing smash tournys? CLAK CLAK CLAK

    No, it's not illegal, it's just that most players prefer to concentrate on the game thoroughly, it's not allowed to disrupt your opponent though.

    I'm a little saddened by no voice chat but I'll mostly be playing with friends anyway so I can imagine their reactions. I really don't get the end part of this post, sakurai said many times he's not liked the idea of releasing games too similar to the original.

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